Rubipy Scientific Inc. (RSI) started its operation in Ottawa, Canada, in January 2007
by distributing chemicals and materials for the R&D of bioanalytics and OLED.
Since its incorporation, RSI has developed trusted relationship with both its
customers and its suppliers.

Now providing custom synthesis and supplying catalog chemicals to an expanding
customer basis covering organic/printed electronics (OLED, OPF and OTFT),  
bioanalytics, medical diagnostics, chemo-/ bio-sensing,  nanotechnology etc., RSI
both academic and industrial scientists with timely and cost-effective
research support and innovation.

RSI imposes stringent control over the quality of the products that are synthesized
by its partners. You may visit the website of our strategic manufacturing partner,
SunaTech Inc., to learn more about  the way our partner manages the chemicals.  

Combining our partners' technical expertise and our innovative business mode that
is geared to better address today's and tomorrow's unmet needs in the
fast-advanced technological areas, we are able to practice our role better in
Research Support & Innovation and get closer to our goal of becoming a global
leader in the design, distribution and application of luminescent metal complexes
and organic building blocks.