Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay

Both chemiluminescence (CL) and electrochemiluminescence  (ECL) are the
mainstream technologies for clinic immunodiagnostics. A number of multinational
IVD companies have developed industrially proven systems for hospitals, clinic
laboratories and blood banks.

As a company providing research support in the area of luminescent metal
complexes, we have expanded the family of labeling molecules with novel ECL
luminophores, which are currently patent pending. The novel ECL labels offer
improved assay performance with no change in the current instrumental and
buffer systems.

RSI is looking for strategic partners to develop bioanalytic methodologies based on
RSI's novel ECL labeling molecules and to make ECL a more valuable platform

This site provides only
limited information about our novel ECL molecules. You
may  send an email to
info@rubipy.com for potential business collaboration.